Build Brand Recognition at an Event with a Custom Inflatable Game

custom-inflatable-gameIf your company is planning to host a special event or to participate in a large event such as a trade show, carnival, or festival, you want a way to make your business stand out in a place where you will be surrounded by dozens of booths and vendors from other companies. All of the businesses will be competing for people’s attention, so you need a way to capture their interest and make sure they have a positive experience associated with your company.

One way to do this is to set up a custom inflatable game at the event. An inflatable game is an excellent way to promote your company or product and help you stand out from everyone else at the event.

How to Build Brand Recognition with an Inflatable Game

An inflatable game can help you build brand recognition and generate buzz around your company and product. It can be decorated with your company’s name and logo so people will instantly associate the game with your business. If people see a large custom game with your company’s logo, they will be interested in learning more about the product or service you offer.

Building brand recognition in a fun and interactive way will make people think of your company in the future when they need the product or service you provide. They will be more likely to choose your product than a competitor’s if they remember having a fun experience associated with your company’s brand.

Inflatable 2000 Can Create an Inflatable Game for Your Event

Inflatable 2000 can create a custom inflatable game to promote your brand at a trade show, concert, festival, or sporting event. We can design a game in nearly any shape with bright colors and fun activities to appeal to children or adults. An inflatable game can give attendees at the event the opportunity to run, climb, and jump as they race to complete the obstacles before others.

Inflatable 2000 has a team of talented graphic designers. We can create a challenging and fun interactive inflatable game based on your company’s brand. We can bring the brand to life in a game that will be fun for kids and adults of all ages. A custom inflatable game can help you build brand recognition and make sure guests at the event have a great time. Contact Inflatable 2000 today to start designing your custom inflatable game.

Make Your Company Stand out at a Trade Show with an Inflatable Replica

inflatable-product-replica-trade-showIt can be difficult to stand out at an event like a trade show, where you are surrounded by dozens or perhaps hundreds of booths representing different companies. Some of those companies may be offering products or services that are similar to yours.

If you are going to be attending a trade show, you need a way to make your company stand out from your competitors and attract people’s attention. Attendees at trade shows may be overwhelmed by the many booths and people competing for their attention, so you need to find a way to quickly catch their eyes and make them interested in learning about what your company has to offer.

Capture People’s Attention at a Trade Show with an Inflatable Product Replica

One way to do that is to set up an inflatable replica at your booth. An inflatable replica can be designed in the form of your company’s product. It will help attendees at the trade show instantly recognize exactly who you are and what your company offers.

Inflatable replicas are perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. They can be made in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and to fit in the amount of space you have available, while still giving people enough room to walk around and talk to representatives from your company.

Inflatable 2000 Can Create a Custom Inflatable Replica

Inflatable 2000 has made inflatable replicas for many companies to promote their products and services at events such as trade shows. We have worked with companies in many industries to create larger-than-life likenesses of their products that allowed people to instantly recognize the company and what it had to offer. An inflatable replica is an easy and effective way to catch people’s eyes, even in a crowded room.

We can create inflatable replicas in many forms. We will work with you to design a replica that captures the likeness of your product and will be instantly recognizable. We can use a wide range of colors and shapes to remain true to the appearance of your company’s product.

An inflatable replica is a simple and highly effective way to promote your business at a trade show. Inflatable 2000 can work with you to design and create a custom inflatable replica of your company’s product. Contact us today so we can start designing an inflatable replica for your upcoming trade show.

Promote Your Company at an Event with an Inflatable Costume

inflatable costumesIf your company is planning a special event, such as a grand opening or a party to celebrate the launch of a new product, you want to attract as many people as possible to your business. If you are going to be attending an event such as a trade show, you will need a way to make your company stand out from the dozens or perhaps hundreds of other businesses that will also have representatives there.

How an Inflatable Costume Can Attract Customers

One way to capture people’s attention is to have someone dressed up in an inflatable costume. The costume can be the likeness of a character used in advertising or can even represent the product itself. A colorful inflatable costume is sure to be noticed at your upcoming event.

Inflatable 2000 creates inflatable costumes that are perfect for advertising at events like grand openings, trade shows, fairs, and other public gatherings. Our inflatable costumes can create instant brand recognition and leave a lasting impression on guests at your event. People will be more likely to remember your company in the future if they are left with a lasting visual impression. They may be more likely to choose your company’s product or service over a competitor’s if they remember the inflatable costume they saw at your event.

Features of an Inflatable Costume

Inflatable 2000’s inflatable costumes have heavy-duty rubber-soled shoe bottoms, screen mesh, a viewing window, and an internal battery-powered inflator fan with a waist belt. Each costume comes with two 12-volt high-powered batteries, a rapid charger, a storage case, and instructions. Our costumes are designed to allow the wearer to remain active no matter the weather on the day of the event.

Our inflatable costumes are easy to set up. A person simply needs to step into the costume, turn on the fan, and zip up the zipper. The fan and battery are attached to a backpack to inflate the costume. The fan consistently forces in fresh air to keep the wearer comfortable.

Order an Inflatable Costume for Your Event

An inflatable costume is an excellent way to attract attention and build brand recognition at a trade show or another type of event. It will draw in customers and make them remember your company and product in the future. Inflatable 2000 can create a custom inflatable costume that you can use for advertising at a variety of events. Contact us today to place your order.

Why You Should Use an Inflatable Tent to Promote Your Business

inflatable tent advertisingIf you are planning an outdoor event at your company’s location or will be attending a trade show or some other type of gathering open to the public, you want to find a way to advertise your business that will make it stand out. Plenty of other companies will have signs and banners to promote their products and services. You can set your business apart and attract people’s attention by setting up an inflatable tent.

Effective Promotional Tool

An inflatable tent can be an excellent promotional tool. It can be decorated in vibrant colors with your company’s name and logo to build brand recognition. People attending your event will instantly know that the tent belongs to your company and can be attracted by the display. They will want to come inside to learn more about your business by looking at product demonstrations, signs, and brochures and by talking to your employees.

Flexible Form of Advertising

Inflatable tents are easy to set up and take down. They can be inflated quickly and can be used in all seasons. If you are planning to attend or sponsor an event in the summer, an inflatable tent is the perfect way to provide shade for attendees.

An inflatable tent can be used over and over at multiple locations. If your employees travel frequently to attend trade shows or other events across the country, you can simply pack up your inflatable tent, take it with you, and re-inflate it at your next event.

Cost-Effective Way to Promote Your Business

An inflatable tent is an affordable form of advertising. Unlike print, TV, and radio advertising, which require regular spending to keep running ads, you can buy an inflatable tent once and use it for years. This makes it a much more cost-effective form of advertising than other ways that people promote their businesses.

Order a Custom Inflatable Tent

Inflatable 2000 designs and creates custom inflatable tents that businesses can use to promote themselves at trade shows and other public events. If you are interested in using an inflatable tent to advertise, contact Inflatable 2000 today to learn more.

How to Choose the Right Inflatable for a Child’s Birthday Party

inflatables child birthday partyA birthday party is an exciting event for a child. If you are planning a party to celebrate your child’s birthday, you are probably looking for a way to make it special and memorable. Inflatable amusements are always popular with kids and also with many adults. You can choose from several types of inflatables.


Jumpers, or bounce houses, are large inflatable houses. They are available in a variety of colors and themes to appeal to boys and girls with many interests. They come in small sizes for young children and larger sizes for older kids. Choose one that is appropriate for the ages and number of children you are inviting to the party. Weight capacities vary.

Wet and Dry Inflatable Slides

Inflatable slides are also popular with kids and adults. Slides can be wet or dry. A water slide is perfect for a birthday party on a hot summer day, while a dry slide is a good choice if the weather is a bit chillier. Inflatable slides come in a wide assortment of colors, sizes, and themes to appeal to kids.

Combo Units

Combo units are inflatables that combine bounce houses and slides in one fun amusement. They often have other elements, such as obstacles. Combo units are usually larger than bounce houses and slides and require more space in a backyard.

Obstacle Courses

Another fun option for a birthday party is an inflatable obstacle course. An obstacle course can offer kids an opportunity to run, climb, jump, and slide as they race to get to the finish line. Some combo units even allow two or more contestants to compete against each other at once.

Where to Rent Inflatables in Southern California

The Fun Company is a leader in the inflatable rental business serving Southern California. We rent many inflatable bounce houses, slides, combo units, and obstacle courses that delight children of all ages. If you are planning a birthday party, call today to make your reservations.

How to Choose an Inflatable Rental Company

choose inflatable rental companyInflatable bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses can make a birthday party, fair, or corporate or church event fun for both kids and adults. Inflatables can provide hours of entertainment and friendly competition for your guests. It is important to do some research to make sure you hire the right inflatable rental company. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice.

Ask for Referrals

Many companies advertise online, in the phone book, and with signs. Ads can help you find companies, but you should also ask for referrals. Talk to your friends, family members, and coworkers and ask if they have rented inflatables for parties. Word of mouth is the best way to gauge the quality of a company. Ask about the condition of the inflatables, their cleanliness, the selection, and the level of customer service.

Choose an Established Company

Choose a company that has been in business for a significant period of time. A new company may offer low prices, but their workers may be inexperienced and unprofessional or they may not have as good a selection of inflatables as a more established company. A company that has been in business for 10 years or longer most likely has quality products and provides excellent customer service.

Customer Service Is Key

An inflatable rental company should answer the phone when you call or should at least return your call promptly. The staff should be friendly and professional and should help you choose the right inflatable for your event. They should be happy to answer all of your questions about the inflatables, event planning, and insurance.

Make Sure the Company Is Insured

Some states do not require inflatable rental companies to carry liability and workers’ compensation insurance. If a company you hire is not insured and someone gets injured, your homeowners insurance policy might not cover the medical bills. If the company does not have workers’ compensation insurance and an employee gets injured, you could also be held financially responsible. Make sure the company you hire carries insurance.

Ask about the Cancellation Policy

Inflatables should not be set up on a rainy or windy day because these conditions can make using them unsafe. Ask about the policy if your event is canceled because of the weather. Ask if you will get a refund of your deposit or if you will be able to apply the money to payment for a rental on a different day.

Renting from The Fun Company

The Fun Company is a party rental business that has been in business for over 15 years. We rent inflatable jumpers, castles, obstacle courses, and slides that are perfect for birthday parties and other special occasions. If you are interested in party rentals for your event, contact us today.

Guests Can Stay in Inflatable Hotel in Iceland

Aurora Bubble Hotel inflatablePeople are always looking for unique places to spend their vacation. Visitors to Iceland can sleep under the stars and possibly see the famous aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, when they sleep in an inflatable bubble.

The Aurora Bubble Hotel is a clear, inflatable plastic structure created by Icelandic Northern Lights expert Robert Sveinn Robertsson. When he was advising a customer on a Northern Lights expedition, the customer suggested creating a hotel with a clear ceiling so guests could sleep under the Northern Lights. Robertsson followed the suggestion, and the Aurora Bubble Hotel was opened to guests in January.

The hotel is inflated with a noiseless ventilation system. It continuously refreshes the air inside at two to seven times its volume every hour to prevent humidity. A thermostat controls the temperature, keeping the inside of the bubble comfortable, even in the winter. If the bubble gets punctured, it will slowly deflate, but a thin metal frame will support the walls until the bubble can be repaired.

The inside of the bubble has enough space for a full bed, a lamp, and two small suitcases. The bubble does not have a bathroom. Guests can use an outdoor outhouse and shower at the Secret Lagoon, a hot spring powered by a geyser that is located nearby.

During the winter, guests can enjoy the aurora borealis and a sky full of stars. In the summer, they can sleep under the midnight sun surrounded by birds and butterflies.

Privacy is a concern for guests, since the shell of the bubble is clear. Robertsson only shares the location of the bubble with guests after they have made their reservations.

Demand for the bubble has been so high that Robertsson plans to open two more to guests in July. The new bubbles will be large enough for a bed, a table, and two chairs. A new house with a toilet, shower, and kitchen will also open in July.

BEAM Inflatable Module to Be Launched into Space

BEAM inflatable space moduleThe Bigelow Expandable Activity Module is an inflatable habitat made of advanced materials that can withstand impacts in space. It has a thick outer layer that is tough enough to protect the craft and crew from space radiation.

The BEAM will be transported into space as an 8-foot bundle. After it is inflated, it will be large enough to hold a car. When it expands to its full size, the BEAM will measure 12 feet long and 10 feet wide.

When it arrives at the International Space Station, the space station’s robotic arm will remove the BEAM from an unpressurized compartment. The BEAM will be the first of Bigelow’s space habitats that astronauts on the ISS will be able to enter. The hatch will be closed when astronauts are not using the BEAM. The crew of the ISS will not live in the BEAM because it will be too experimental and risky.

The module will function like an additional room added to the rest of the International Space Station. It will have a slightly cooler temperature. When it expands, there will be some slight condensation.

This will be Bigelow’s fifth berthing with the International Space Station. It will be the fourth with NASA’s Commercial Resupply Services contract. Similar operations are planned for the future.

The environment in the BEAM will generally work in the same way as the environment on the ISS. If the BEAM is successful, it will prove that inflatable habitats can work in space.

Bigelow licensed inflatable space habitat technology from NASA after Congress canceled TransHub, an expandable habitat project, in 2000. It is easier to transport inflatable habitats into space than other parts of the ISS, which need to be transported one piece at a time.

A SpaceX Dragon capsule will transport fungi specimens to the International Space Station. The capsule is scheduled to be launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on April 8.

Grips Win Oscar for Inflatable Green Screen

Aircover inflatable green screenA green screen is a backdrop that is all green or sometimes blue that is mounted in the background as a scene for a movie or television show is filmed. In post-production, the single color is replaced with video footage of computer-generated special effects.

Green screens are an important component of many Hollywood films, allowing actors to be placed in any setting with monsters and special effects. Most big budget films use a green screen to generate special effects.

Four grips from Canada received a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for an inflatable green screen. David McIntosh, Steve Smith, Mike Branham, and Mike Kirilenko won an Oscar for engineering for their Aircover Inflatables Airwall. They received the award at a ceremony hosted by Jason Segel and Olivia Munn.

The Airwall consists of large vinyl air mattresses in sections 20 feet wide and 24 feet tall. They can be placed on the ground or stacked on cargo containers if a taller height is needed. Several air mattresses can be attached if necessary. The mattresses are covered with green or blue material.

The walls can be lowered if the director needs more light on the set or if it is necessary to eliminate green or blue spill, which is caused when the sun hits the green or blue material and is reflected onto the actors. If there is too much green or blue spill, air can be let out of the wall to reduce it. The screen can be lowered to allow more sunlight but still block the background.

Older versions of green screens used metal scaffolding, stacked cargo containers, or telephone poles. The new design is more versatile since it is not a solid structure. The inflatable green screens are easier and faster to set up than ones traditionally used.

The team first came up with the idea eight years ago, but they got their big break in 2013 when the technology was used on the set of “Godzilla” in a Golden Gate Bridge destruction scene recorded in South Vancouver. Aircover has provided green screens for many other movies since then.

The developers of the new inflatable green screen were honored to receive the award for their work. They said grips are often not recognized for their contributions to Hollywood films.

Hammock Has Inflatable Air Mattress and Lights

DoubleNest hammockSome people enjoy sleeping in a hammock under the stars while out camping in the woods, while others find spending the night in a hammock suspended between two trees uncomfortable. A company called Eagles Nest Outfitters has come up with a new design to make the traditional hammock more comfortable and luxurious.

The DoubleNest LED hammock is an upgraded version of the two-person DoubleNest hammock that Eagles Nest Outfitters already offered. When properly anchored between two sturdy trees, the hammock can support up to 400 pounds.

The hammock has a string of glowing lights that can be turned on at night to allow a person to read, adjust a sleeping bag, walk back to the hammock after using the bathroom, or do anything else necessary to be comfortable on a night out camping. The lights get their power from three AAA batteries. The brightness of the lights is adjustable. A user can even turn on a flashing strobe light to attract attention in the event of an emergency.

Eagles Nest Outfitters has also introduced the AirLoft, a self-inflating air mattress that can be put inside the hammock to make sleeping more comfortable. The inflatable mattress has wings to act as a barrier between the camper and the walls of the hammock that can provide insulation to help the person stay warm on a cold night out camping. According to Eagles Nest Outfitters, the AirLoft is the first self-inflating mattress that was designed specifically to be used with a hammock for camping.