Effective Promotional Advertising

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Getting a message out about a product or service is paramount to having a successful business. While not everyone will agree on how best to go about marketing or advertising a service or product there is no doubt that the more people see a particular brand or company the more likely they are to remember that name when buying time comes. However, there is a fine line between mass media and niche marketing and finding your place in the promotional advertising field takes knowing your business, the market and how best to reach the people who will use your product or service. 

Promotional advertising, through blimps, balloons, party rental jumpers and other inflatable products, is one way to effectively market your business to a wide variety of people. Usually used at carnivals, trade shows, conventions and outdoor festivals these inflatable advertising vehicles are available in a tremendous variety of shapes and sizes including large cartoon characters, custom designed logos and mascots, product replicas and a host of other popular designs. When you make your brand part of something fun and in some cases interactive and engaging you take some of the hard sell off the marketing campaign and give your business a softer, more human side that people respect and value. 

The trick to being effective with promotional advertising is to get your message out in a subtle but clear way that doesn’t seem pushy or aggressive. Studies indicate people are more likely NOT to buy a product if they feel it has been pushed on them. Pop-up ads, blaring radio commercials and aggravating promotions full of flyers, handouts and hordes of street teams can be a big turn-off for a large segment of the buying public so you want to make sure your campaign does not blow up in your face with an overexposure backlash.


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