Inflatable Jumpers & Toddler Fun

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Stuck for a party idea when toddlers are the guests of honor? It’s not easy throwing a birthday party or other celebration with very young kids around due to the hazards that accompany many common outdoor activities such as swimming pools, swing sets and jungle gyms. One way to ensure a safe, fun and good time is had by all is to rent inflatable jumpers and obstacle courses that are by design much safer than almost any other outdoor entertainment product for children. 

Luckily the inflatable manufacturers know how useful a jumper can be for toddlers so a wide variety of inflatable jumpers have been created in different themes including sports, pirate ships, racing courses, giant airplanes, castles zoos and many other popular kids games. With kid friendly themes, safe air-filled cushions on the ground and walls and safety netting across all open spaces inflatable jumpers are perfect for toddlers who spend a lot of time falling down. Now, though, they just bounce right back up and continue on with the fun. 

With playgrounds, obstacle courses and race challenges toddlers of all ages will be entertained for hours at an outdoor party, street festival, community carnival or any other place where children will be playing. These fun and interactive bounce houses are great entertainment centers for children since the air cushioned boundaries prevent injuries and keep kids occupied for hours on end.


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