Using Helium Blimps for Promotional Marketing

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When it comes to outdoor and indoor inflatable products such as blimps and parade balloons there are a number of materials you can choose for the blimp and ways to power it. One popular option is to use PVC fabric and helium to produce a well-designed, sturdy and attractive vehicle to market your products or advertise your services. Available in several sizes with an unlimited number of custom design options including company slogans, logos and graphics helium blimps may be your best bet for floating the message you want everyone to see. 

Helium blimps use specially manufactured material that is made from polyvinylchloride fabric that is designed to hold helium perfectly and also has the advantage of being 18-mil thick for extra strength. All helium PVC blimps feature a UV inhibitor to protect the fabric and paint from intense sunlight when in flight. Ideal for outdoor use the PVC helium blimps provide a safe and sturdy helium powered balloon that will hover over parades, fair grounds and festivals with your logo or slogan in full view of everyone. 

Another feature to using helium blimps is that the paint used on the fabric is a specially manufactured urethane paint that is flexible and over time becomes part of the balloon rather than scaling off in pieces. Unlike stickers the specially formulated paint won’t peel or wrinkle during flight or when in storage so your blimp looks as good on its 10th flight as it did on the first. Accessorize any size helium blimp with custom tail fins available in a great selection of 27 different colors. With a 125’ tether line and harness ropes you’ve got everything you’ll need to create enough buzz with your helium blimp to make it an effective marketing tool.


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