Versatile Pop Up & Inflatable Tents

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For trade shows, conventions, fair grounds and carnivals an inflatable pop-up tent is a great idea for storing products, setting up an information booth or for offering refreshments. Having a well marked space with a full canopy cover gives you room to organize your company’s products, marketing materials and brochures as well as set up fun interactive games, a consultation area regarding your business and what you do as well as setting aside room for a grill or cooler to offer refreshments and food on a hot summer day. 

Tents are just a good product to have around no matter what business you are in. At some point in your career you’ll most likely have to attend a trade show or exhibit, sponsor a cook-out or summer charity event and set up a booth at a convention and with a well-made, rugged inflatable tent you can draw attention to your business and have a convenient place to run promotions, hand out marketing materials and even set up contests and games for visitors to play.

 With a pop up inflatable tent you can custom design the exterior to reflect your company logo or slogan as well as add specific colors and graphics that will make the tent stand out among a crowd of trailers and booths. Simple to set up and easy to take down and store an inflatable tent is a very useful tool for businesses that have to self-promote to succeed. Great for indoor and outdoor uses inflatable pop up tents give your business a prepared and professional look no matter where you are and of course with a protective roof all your products and materials are safe should foul weather blow in.


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