Beat the Heat With An Inflatable Water Slide

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The heat wave currently sweeping over the country is pretty intense – triple digit temperatures, crazy heat indexes and muggy, humid air are all driving people to stay inside. The air conditioner is our best friend at the moment, but how are we supposed to have fun? The cool indoors is ok, but this is the summer – time for all kinds of parties and gatherings – and it’s not too awesome to chill out in your house all day. There is a perfect solution for this conundrum…you should rent an inflatable water slide for your next weekend shindig.

A staple of backyard parties for years, an inflatable water slide is a sensational, safe and slippery way to cool down during this sweltering heat wave. Blow it up, soak it with water and let the excitement begin – kids and adults will be clamoring to fly down the intense slide into a pool of cold, sun-defeating water. But the water is not the only awesome feature of inflatable water slides, you’re going to have to find yourself a theme as well. Here’s just a few:

Giant Double Tube Water Slide – Race your friends down this huge water slide! Can you get wet and wild before they do?
Finding Nemo Front Load Slide – Chill out with Nemo and his pals on this exciting ride of a slide!
Hurricane Water Slide – You’ll have a blast riding out the storm on this adrenaline-pumping water ride!

If you get a water slide for your next party or gathering, everyone you know (and the neighbors you don’t) will be clamoring for an invite. Let the kids play all day while you relax and just wait until they’re all tuckered out – it’s the adults’ turn to ride the slide! There is no more fun, exciting and drenching way to overcome the summer sun.


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