Competitive Inflatables

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There is nothing like a little healthy competition to get your adrenaline pumping. Competitive inflatables can be an excellent way to build team unity, but are also an effective form of exercise for school functions and activities. Adding the element of a contest or “battle” to the enjoyment already implicit with inflatables just amplifies the joy that children (and even adults) will experience.

Inflatable 2000 offers a myriad of various obstacle and game inflatables, including:

Race to the Top – Strap on protective head gear – this inflatable is one crazy team challenge. Two to four players enter and each line up at one of four lanes. Each player must climb up the inflatable by rope and grab one of two colored batons matched up to their respective lane. Once obtained, the baton must be placed at the starting position along a strip of Velcro. The second baton must be retrieved the same way and returned the same way as the first. The first person to return both batons is the winner – you can customize the game to make it the first team to return the batons wins. The mountain can be made more difficult for older kids or adults by adjusting the air pressure.

Gladiator – If you’re looking for a good old fashioned obstacle course, you won’t find many better than Gladiator, a perfect inflatable for timed challenges. Contenders enter the giant Coliseum ring up a difficult curved climb against the humongous gladiator figure and slide down into the action. Never mind the other team – pop-out obstacles are the main competition in this arena. You might want to face the lion’s mesh belly, if you can stomach the pressure.

Justice League Double Challenge – The Justice League Double Challenge is an inflatable focused on true comic book heroes, like Batman, Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern. Two kids must make their way through respective sides of the inflatable, dodging pop-ups and quickly speeding through crawl spaces. Featuring a center climb slide, the opponents exit on different colored slides.


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