The Weirdest Inflatables the Web Has to Offer

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Bouncy houses and castles are pretty awesome. So are water slides. And don’t forget about inflatable obstacle courses. It would be pretty hard to make this stuff any cooler than they already are. In fact, there are few things more exciting than things that are inflatable. We’ve all seen the stuff that I just mentioned, so how about some weirder stuff?

The first inflatable on this page is very strange – an inflatable church! I wonder if people actually want to be married in an inflatable structure. Would it even be possible to have a whole ceremony in there? Number five, an inflatable pub, is also rather peculiar. Where are the taps and barstools going to go? The weirdest of them all is number 9 – inflatable toast? What is the meaning of this randomness? I’m not even sure I can describe it while doing it justice!

Now here’s a useful inflatable innovation – an inflatable mouse that actually works with your computer! I think this mouse might actually be very comfortable to use – it would give your hand a cushion. Speaking of comfortable, this multimedia massage chair is definitely a great way to enjoy inflatables – you can actually plug your TV or MP3 player into the headrest, which has speakers.

My personal favorite has to be in this YouTube video called “Inflatable Trash Monsters”. Apparently an artist named Joshua Allen used only tape, garbage bags and subway exhaust to create these really remarkable creatures that formed whenever subway cars passed by the grates. This is really creative, innovative inflatable artistry that you probably won’t see anywhere but in a place like New York City. You may not be able to jump on them like you can with bouncy houses, but they are certainly fun to look at!


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