Flight Attendent Uses Inflatable Slide to Leave Job

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500x slater1So, a few weeks ago we talked about some of the strangest inflatables that the web had to offer. I can just imagine some people inside an inflatable pub or church and how silly that would probably be. The same goes for the inflatable computer mouse that is functional – just another ridiculous inflatable. But what happens when a useful inflatable is used in a silly way?

Well, I guess everyone in the media picks up the story. What am I talking about?

Take a disgruntled JetBlue flight attendant, an angry passenger and an airplane’s inflatable safety slide and what do you get? A JetBlue flight attendant in jail. Right now, the internet is ablaze with the story of Steven Slater, a JetBlue employee who decided to quit his job and leave the plane he was on by inflating the safety slide, sliding down and getting in his car and driving home.

According to the article linked above, Slater got into a heated argument with a passenger who swore at him, then cursed out the man on the intercom, quit his job, grabbed two beers, inflated the slide and jumped down it. It’s definitely a rare type of story, saved for only the slowest of news days.

It is kind of sad that the only time people get to use an airplane’s inflatable slide is when there is a rare emergency, so maybe this guy was onto something. At the same time, now he’s in jail. If you would like to see this man being led into a police van with handcuffs, check out this YouTube video.How dumb do you have to be? I mean, inflatables are a ton of fun, but you probably shouldn’t use them on the job.


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