Inflatables in the News

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As everyone has probably heard by now, last week, a JetBlue flight attendant used an inflatable slide to exit an airplane after a scuffle with a passenger. He exited the plane by grabbing two beers, quitting over the intercom and making his grand exodus out of the plane by way of inflatable slide. Since I’m sure that you’re sick of hearing about this ‘folk hero,’ I figured that we need a roundup of all the other inflatable-themed news happening around the world.

-The world’s largest inflatable slide was blown up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for an event. The dual lane slide takes up the span of two football fields and according to this article, more than 30,000 people are expected to show up for a ride. The 500 foot long slide is taking up an entire street in Grand Rapids.

-In Scotland’s Royal Highland Centre, a festival of sorts was taking place that included an inflatable pub, which are gaining popularity at all kinds of events. This particular pub was actually stolen when it wasn’t in use, lifted by at least a few thieves. This article says that the pub weighed at least 350 kilos (about 800 pounds) and it simply vanished after being a mainstay at

-This isn’t news so much as it is a funny story. In South London’s Croydon, a small fox was found lounging on an inflatable in a family’s backyard pool. This piece says that the fox jumped on the inflatable and lounged out in the pool until John and Ann Barnes finally got him to leave.

Hopefully by the time next week rolls around, everyone will have stopped talking about the JetBlue guy. We need some newer inflatable stories in the news.


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