Inflatable Jets and Tanks

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Inflatables are seen all over the place during the year, particularly in the summer time, when there are a lot of outdoor parties with bounce houses. Inflatables are also seen throughout the year as promotional materials, like blimps flying over a car dealership or a giant inflatable representing a new store’s grand opening. In this blog, we have talked about inflatable hospitals and other important kinds of inflatables – after looking through the news online, I discovered another way that inflatables are being used in ways other than recreation or promotion.

The Moscow Times of Russia is reporting the Russian army is thinking about having inflatable tanks, jets and other military items made. A company called Rusbal, based out of Moscow, makes inflatable missiles, jets and tanks that are all life-sized and apparently difficult for radars and satellites to distinguish from the real thing. These inflatables would serve as a decoy to enemy forces, who would take down the fake planes and tanks without noticing the real elements moving in the air and ground:

“The realism of the inflatables has attracted considerable interest not only from the military, which reportedly deployed test versions of the blow-up tanks during the 2008 conflict with Georgia, but also from Iran and other Middle Eastern countries, Talanov said. The only differences between a real and inflatable tank are price and weight. An inflatable T-80 tank runs for 187,000 rubles ($6,000), according to Rusbal’s web site, while a real T-80, which is no longer produced, can cost $100,000 to $1 million depending on its condition.”

Inflatables are a great source of fun for people at parties, grand openings and other events that require such entertainment. The thing to remember is that inflatables can be used for a plethora of other reasons that may better the world around us – like inflatables hospitals and inflatable military items.


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