Inflatable Roof Collapses on Football Stadium

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Inflatables have many uses, as we’ve seen here in this blog. People have used them to protest (the inflatable rat) and others have used them strategically (inflatable tanks), but primarily we use inflatables for fun. The best examples of this are bounce houses, obviously! However, inflatables haven’t always worked out for the best, which was proven this weekend at the Minneapolis Metrodome, the stadium where the Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Twins play.

As it goes, the inflated roof was designed to stay inflated to keep the two teams protected from the harsh weather that plagues Minnesota in the winter. Also, it has the ability to keep other types of precipitation out, like snow and rain. At least it did.

A recent snow storm across the Midwest dumped more than 2 feet of snow in areas, causing limited visibility and near blinding blizzard conditions, according to Mail Online. This storm also came with consequences for the Metrodome’s Teflon-coated fiberglass inflated roof. It collapsed.

“The giant inflatable roof above the Minneapolis Metrodome collapsed yesterday under the weight of a massive snowstorm that swept across the upper Midwest. The 580,000lbs roof, which is made of Teflon-coated fibreglass, fell in just hours before Minnesota Vikings were due to play the New York Giants. No one was hurt but the dramatic incident – captured on video – forced the National Football League to shift the game to Monday night at Detroit’s Ford Field.”

There were other, more serious implications of the storm, including the deaths of 4 people and multi-car pileups on the local highways. Thankfully, no one was injured at the Metrodome when the collapse occurred. That would have been potentially deadly, as hundreds of gallons of water and snow crashed through the roof.


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