Town Official Want Santa Taken Down

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We all know the story of A Christmas Carol, where Scrooge is down on anything Christmas-related until he sees the error of his ways and then learns to embrace everything about Christmas. I bring up Scrooge because that’s precisely what town officials in Capistrano Beach, California, are being this holiday season. They are a bunch of Scrooges. According to a story from the Capistrano Dispatch, a local business has been ordered to take down its inflatable Santa because it breaks local statutes:

“A city code-enforcement officer issued a notice of violation to the Buy My Bikes shop on Camino Capistrano because the bike shop decorated the front of the store with a 12-foot inflatable Santa Claus. Jim Curwood, who has owned the shop for 32 years, said he initially thought the notice was a joke, until a follow up “notice of violation” arrived. The city’s sign code doesn’t allow businesses to use inflatables-although they are visible all over town.”

It’s one thing for a town to ban inflatables, but I think this is a bit much. After all, it is Christmas time and it’s an inflatable Santa. Who doesn’t love Santa Claus? Curwood is thankfully not letting the violation get to him and even has the support of some Capistrano Beach citizens:

“Curwood said he wasn’t offended by the effort. He and the city have jousted several times over the years, whether it’s about his “Buy My Bikes” truck or how much he paints his windows. He admitted the flap brought him some publicity and maybe a few new customers in a tough economy.

Curwood said he will leave the Santa up through the season. About 10 people have called, he said, and offered to pay the $100 fine.”

That’s what I like to call excellent Christmas spirit!


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