Inflating a Roof

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It shouldn’t be a surprise that inflatables are everywhere – we’ve discussed it in this blog at least every other week. With inflatable tanks, inflatable hospitals, inflatable holiday decorations, the list just keeps going on. One subject we have touched upon is the issue of inflatable roofs, which caused a major problem for the NFL some weeks ago. According to a previous post:

“A recent snow storm across the Midwest dumped more than 2 feet of snow in areas, causing limited visibility and near blinding blizzard conditions, according to Mail Online. This storm also came with consequences for the Metrodome’s Teflon-coated fiberglass inflated roof. It collapsed.”

Just because the Metrodome’s inflatable roof collapsed doesn’t rule out the production of more inflatable roofs in the future, does it? If it does, then a design studio from the Netherlands didn’t get the memo. According to Dezeen, Overtreders W created an outdoor pavilion that is totally mobile. The inventive part of this design is its inflatable roof, which is filled up by hot air coming from a stove used for roasting:

“It consists of two large picnic tables, a floating roof that provides shelter for the tables and a wood stove. The roof is blown up and lifted with hot air. The wood stove heating up the air is also the centre piece of the pavilion, to be used for making hot chocolate, roast chestnuts, pumpkin soup or jacket potatoes. The pavilion sits up to 40 people, anddzn The-Roof-That-Goes-Up-in-Smoke-by-Overtreders-W-1 lights their picnic in the dark autumn night.”

The one interesting note in this story is the placement of this structure, in three totally strange places seemingly unconnected to each other:

“It was installed in three different locations in the south of Holland: at a graveyard in Roosendaal, at an institution for mental health in Biezenmortel and at a graveyard in Breda.”


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