Media Inflatables Banned?

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The world of inflatables is expanding by the minute, with newer, bigger and better ways of drawing attention to your business or entertaining a gaggle of children at a birthday party. There are bouncy castles, leisure inflatables and splash inflatables that will be fun at events, but what about grand openings and sales at new businesses? Your best bet would be some media inflatables or air blown inflatables to draw attention to your business. Unfortunately, some towns and cities are making it harder to have these types of inflatables outside of your business.

According to, business owners in Peoria, Illinois, have to go through a complicated and expensive procedure to have inflatables outside their offices or store:

“Inflatable balloons and the like need a special-use permit – a couple pages worth of application, some supporting documentation drawn from records business owners are almost certain to have, plus a fee of $500. The permit must go before the planning commission for a hearing and then get the OK of the City Council, which takes about 60 days. Both bodies want to ensure the final display won’t take up required parking – like a handicapped spot – and that it won’t impede the flow of nearby traffic or endanger the safety of motorists by blocking sight lines along the road.”

The editorial calls for reforms and lighter restrictions for businesses that choose to use inflatables as a means of promotion. Businesses in Peoria have been shunning inflatables because of the restrictions and it might be time for the applications to end, but with some rules in place:

“…a two-month delay does seem excessive, as does the cost. If the issue is revenue for the city, well, it’s getting none now because nobody is participating in the program…while it’s popular to bash local government, there needs to be some regulation; it can’t become a “free-for-all.” One can only shudder at the garish, bigger-is-better-and-biggest-is-better-yet displays if this were left to the imagination of some with pockets deep enough to pull “the sky is the limit” off. No matter how much leeway some folks want to give businesses, public safety and convenience should come first.”


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