Inflatable Yacht Slides

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Travelling out from the harbor into the ocean or sea on your yacht is one of those pleasures in life that can’t be matched. Seeing the international waters of the world aboard a pristine and luxurious yacht is an excellent experience. Once you get out into the middle of the ocean, you can dock and swim in areas that may have never been swam in before – how many people can say that?

However, there is one other thing you can do out in the recesses of the ocean that most people have not – slide down into the water from an inflatable yacht slide made custom for your specific boat! We all know that simply diving or swimming off from your yacht can be a blast, but imagine how much fun you and your guests will have on a giant slide, made specifically to reach right down the water level. I can’t imagine much better!

At Inflatable 2000, a leader in the sale of inflatable products like bounce houses, we believe that no luxury boat should be without a custom inflatable yacht slide. You may be thinking that your boat is simply too large to find an inflatable slide for, but we don’t let that stand in our way. In four easy steps, you can enjoy a professional yacht slide.

  1. Speak with an Inflatable 2000 representative to discuss the size and dimensions of your yacht. We will find the best fit for your specific type of ship.
  2. Next, we will begin the design phase, wherein we determine the best way to fit a slide to your boat. Taking in all of your concerns and suggestions, you will receive a blueprint of the design before the construction begins.
  3. Between our expert engineers and sewers, we begin building your inflatable slide out of the highest quality materials. By having several sets of eyes on the project at all times, we can ensure that no detail is missed.
  4. In a timely fashion, you will receive your inflatable slide, which will be ready for use at your convenience!


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