Inflatables Warehouse Burns Down

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9231276-largeThere is rarely a sad day when it comes to inflatables. If you have a party and rent a moon bounce, everyone has a better time than they may have had before. The same goes for inflatable slides as well. Think about all of the business conferences that you’ve had to go to for work – do you remember the booths without fun custom inflatables emblazoned with company logos? Probably not. That’s why it’s sad when a whole bunch of inflatables simply go up in smoke.

There was a recent fire that struck at warehouse in Louisiana that did more than $1 million dollars of damage. An article from says that almost half a million dollars worth of stored rental inflatables were destroyed:

“The huge fire that destroyed more than $1 million in property at a Space Walk warehouse in Kenner started when roofers created sparks that accidentally ignited some of the inflatable birthday party favorites inside, Fire Chief John Hellmers said Friday.

‘Now I have not heard back yet from the deputy fire marshal, but it’s clear this was an accidental fire,’ he said. While an estimated $500,000 worth of inflatables were destroyed, customers awaiting the delivery of a Space Walk this weekend will not be affected, the company said.

‘The rental portion of Space Walk did not suffer any damage,’ Director of Operations Skip Long said in a brief statement.”

Apparently, the accidental spark that started the fire was caused by roofers who were using a circular saw to cut through the metal roof. Some embers of molten steel accidentally fell down, causing the blaze to start. The fire occurred at 2 p.m., but thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the blaze, although one firefighter suffered burns to his leg.


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