Royal Inflatable Ban

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Anyone who has ever planned a party of any sort knows how hard it can be to get everything together. This goes for parents who have planned small birthday parties for 15 kids – just when you think the bounce house will show up on time, it’s a bit late, so it’s panic time! No matter what experience we’ve had planning parties, I think that the royal family in Great Britain has a much bigger event on their hands.

Since Prince William is getting married in April to fiancée Kate Middleton, state officials are bracing themselves for the parade of street parties that will most likely spring up after the joyous event. However, their proposed restrictions (which ban inflatables, rides, etc.) are being met with complaints from residents. According to the Coventry Observer:

A 9pm curfew was also issued by the council, while entertainment, inflatables such as bouncy castles, and rides were all banned. But just a day after the guidelines were published on the council’s website, the rules were hastily changed. The new leniant guidelines asked residents to merely inform the council in advance if a party was planned to celebrate the royal wedding.”

Huzzah, the rules were changed! Slowly, the original proposal for rules about royal wedding parties has shifted to allow a few more elements:

“Coun Kevin Foster led a barrage of criticism of the original guidelines and called on the council to encourage street parties in the city. “The rules published by killjoys at the city council are ridiculous,” Coun Foster said. “Under the original proposals you couldn’t even play the National Anthem because music was banned.”

But a council spokesman defended the guidelines and the rapid u-turn, stating the change aimed to make it easier for residents to organise a street party.

“We’re fully committed to encouraging local people to hold street parties in celebration of the forthcoming royal wedding,” the spokesman said.”

The bad news is, it seems that inflatables are still banned from the festivities. To this I ask, what gives? Have you ever been to a great party without inflatables?


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