Inflatables Banned in One City

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Just a month ago, I was talking about a proposed ban on allowing inflatable structures of any kind being permitted on the street during the royal wedding. A few months ago, town officials were looking to ban an inflatable Santa Claus during Christmas season. There have been many stories that I have written about for this blog wherein authorities ban inflatables – including inflatable games and bounce castles. Most of the time, these bans don’t usually come with good reasoning.

For instance, a story in The Katy Times out of Texas, discusses a moratorium just issued for the next four months regarding the permission of allowing inflatable structures:

“In a March 8 memo, building official fire marshal and assistant public works director James Cook said he has received numerous requests concerning the placement of inflatable structures on top of buildings to capture the attention of possible customers.

‘The requests range from balloons to lifelike figures and also animated figures. The last request was for a large, ‘King Kong’ type inflatable structure,’ he wrote. ’I think that it is in the best interest of the citizens of Katy and the City of Katy to either appoint a committee or the planning commission to make recommendations to the city council concerning the type of structures or devices, the placement of the same (and) the height of the same that will be allowed.’”

The claim that the town is making regards the lack of visual appeal that these inflatables may have in the town of Katy. This may be taking the idea of regulating inflatables to a level that is slightly over-controlling. If a business wants to use inflatables to promote its wares or services, it should be allowed as long as it doesn’t threaten the safety or wellbeing of the general public. Hopefully, Katy’s new council will see inflatables for what they are – an excellent way to promote and also have fun.



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