Preventing Bounce House Accidents

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Inflatable bounce houses are a quintessential staple of the best birthday parties that you went to as a kid and the parties you will inevitably have for your kids. They are a bunch of fun for everyone at the party – letting the kids bounce up and down and allowing the parents to relax in lawn chairs – but the fun can end quickly if safety precautions are not taken.

For instance, a recent incident featuring an unsecured bounce house in Arizona ended up in some injuries, according to story in Yahoo News:

“Alissa Baray and her sister Jessica Baray romped inside an inflatable bounce house during a birthday party in their backyard in Marana, Ariz., on Saturday. A strong gust lifted the bounce house from the lawn, dumping Jessica and carrying Alissa some 110 feet in the air.

Finally, the inflatable amusement landed on a flat rooftop in the Pima County neighborhood, shattering roof tiles and breaking off its own engine.

Ten-year-old Alissa Baray suffered a concussion and several cuts and bruises. She was treated at a Tucson trauma center and released. The girls’ father suffered an ankle injury, giving chase to the errant bounce house.”

One of the girls is seriously injured right now and recovering day by day. This story highlights the importance of carefully completing all safety precautions required by the instructions or the helper from the inflatable company. By making sure that a bounce house is absolutely, positively secured to the ground beneath it, less and less people will be put into danger.

After all, the most important part about bounce houses is that kids have fun playing in them, right? No one should be worrying about the safety of the bounce house once children are already playing in it. Prepare for any possible complications that may come up and let the kids have fun!




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