Rules for Inflatable Safety

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I’ve said it a bunch in this blog and I’ll say it again – there’s no better entertainment at a birthday party than a good old fashioned bounce house. Personally, I like bounce castles, but really any inflatable will do because they are all fun – even the inflatable games! However, no matter how young or old that you are, it is important to remember some rules when playing on bounce houses. Here are some rules to follow:

–          Figure out when the recommended footwear is for the specific inflatable. Most will allow socks and even bare feet, but you should always check before you get on.

–          Every bounce house has its own weight capacity due to air specifications and also space for each person. Find out what the rules for your inflatable are.

–          Obviously, if the inflatable begins to deflate, everyone should exit and get away from the structure. Failure to do so could end in injury.

–          If you are renting an inflatable for a party, make sure that the installation and delivery is handled by the company you are dealing with. This is the best way to ensure that the structure is as safe as possible.

–          Make sure the area where the inflatable is placed is clear of debris and other obstructions that could compromise the structure.

There are more rules that go along with the specific structure you are dealing with, so you should educate yourself about inflatables if you decide to have one at a party. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, inflatable safety is becoming more and more important:

“By making sure that a bounce house is absolutely, positively secured to the ground beneath it, less and less people will be put into danger.  After all, the most important part about bounce houses is that kids have fun playing in them, right? No one should be worrying about the safety of the bounce house once children are already playing in it.”


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