Vermont’s Inflatable Hospital

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Inflatables have become a major presence in the world of medicine and safety – just look at the last few blog posts I’ve written. We have patient movement systems made from inflatables to help nurses and medical professionals move large patients during surgery without disruption. There are also inflatable seat belts that can help save the lives of children sitting in the back seat of a car by adding an extra layer of protection between the belt and the chest. Lately, another step forward has been made in the medical safety field with inflatables, most notably the construction of an inflatable hospital in Vermont.

According to WCAX, the Central Vermont Medical Center owns an inflatable hospital for many reasons:

” ‘It will give us a place to triage patients and decide what we need to do with them. And if they really need IV fluid before we could send them home or something, we will be able to administer those in the back of it,” said Jean Peterson of Central Vermont Medical Center. Those who are deployed to emergencies were learning about the facility at a demonstration at the Barre Auditorium Thursday. This lesson was being taught by the hospital’s inventor who sells countless products across the country. His career as an emergency doctor led him to develop medical gear.”

This type of hospital is extremely useful and necessary in the aftermath of natural disasters, much like the earthquake in Japan. In these situations, most of the buildings that would have been used to treat the injured have been washed away, leaving no where for anyone to get medical attention. In the case of this one inflatable hospital, it can hold 16 people who need care during natural disasters or even to help in the case of quickly spreading pandemics.

Portable hospitals like this are deployed after natural disasters, big accidents or even fast moving diseases. Inflatable hospitals like this are essential to have in all areas of the world because you never know when disaster can strike. They may not be as fun as bounce houses or inflatable games, but this inflatable structure is crucial to have around.



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