Carpooling With Inflatables: Not a Good Idea

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When I think about inflatables, I am reminded of summertime parties and fun days with friends, jumping up and down in bounce castles, sliding down inflatable slides and floating on inflatable rafts in above ground pools. However, the more and more I write this blog, the more surprised I become at newer inflatable items – like phones, couches, pubs, etc. Having mentioned all of these before in this blog, I also want to remind you of a post that discussed how some movies were using inflatable dolls as extras in the background of scenes that needed large crowds extending out:

According to the article, inflatable dolls only take moments to inflate and can save production costs up to 90% on the cost of extras.  They are also easier in terms of costumes – since the dolls can be moved and inflated anywhere, the costumes are interchangeable or can be kept the same.  They are never in focus, so time is saved for maximum efficiency.”

However, I never thought I’d stumble on a story as strange as this one from Seattle PI:

“During the Wednesday morning commute, a driver was stopped on Northbound Interstate 5 when a State Patrol trooper noticed the driver used the inflatable woman doll wearing a wig and riding shotgun so he could use the carpool lane. The driver “quickly pulled out of the HOV lane” after seeing the trooper, but was stopped near South 320th Street in Federal Way, agency spokeswoman Julie Startup said.”

Honestly, I can safely say that I assume many of us have considered putting a doll next to us in the car. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in regular traffic while the carpool folks are driving right on by. Needless to say, I don’t think that it’s worth the $124 ticket you’ll get, much like that unfortunate driver in Washington.



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