Some Inflatable News

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This week, I have stumbled on three inflatable stories that need to be covered in short tidbits. After all, this is a blog about inflatables and it would be a shame not to get as much information in as possible! Without further adieu, here is your news:

Safety Still Important – With the summer approaching, it’s about time to start reserving inflatables for backyard BBQs and birthday parties. However, you need to make sure that safety is in place, as a story of an accident reminds us. In England’s Daily Mail, a report noted that two young children were hurt when an inflatable slide was blown up from the ground by strong winds. Remember to make sure that your rental company secures the inflatable neatly, safely and tightly to avoid any injuries like this from occurring.

Life Jacket RecordAZ Central is reporting that residents of Glendale, Arizona are attempting to break a world record in the name of boat safety. “Glendale residents Saturday will try to set a world record for the most inflatable life jackets inflated simultaneously…”Ready, Set, Inflate!” events are being held throughout the U.S. and Canada on Saturday. The goal is not only to promote the comfortable and versatile inflatable life jacket, but also to educate the public about life jackets and safe boating in general.”

Balloon Lady – A balloon artist recently crafted a dress made completely from balloons and used it to sell raffle tickets, according to a story from The Bellingham Herald in Ohio: “[After selling the tickets, Isabell Rodau] removed the dress, which took more than 150 balloons and five hours to make, so she could model other fashions – the kind that don’t deflate.” It may not be about the inflatables I usually mention, but this is kind of cool!


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