No Inflatable Laws in Arizona

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In the world of inflatables, the major concern right now is the recent incidents involving childrens’ injuries whilst playing in inflatable jumping castles. Arguably, the summer is the most popular time of year for inflatables and at least one of the parties you’re invited to will probably have a bounce castle or two. While these rides are a lot of fun, if they are not properly inspected and installed correctly, people can get hurt, even if they are not on the inflatable itself. Now while I have covered these safety issues before in this blog, a surprising story out of Arizona calls for more attention to inflatable safety.

Most states require some sort of licensing and safety training laws to be enforced on inflatables companies, but according to the Arizona Daily Star, The Grand Canyon State has no laws or regulations for inflatables businesses:

“Anyone can apply for a business license to rent jumping castles out of their homes for delivery or to open up a retail business renting inflatables, without special training or safety requirements, according to city officials. All that is required is to specify whether the applicant will be delivering the inflatables from home or renting them out of a storefront.”

The aforementioned injuries actually took place in Arizona, in two different areas entirely. According to the story, two children in Tucson and two in Marina were involved in serious accidents where inflatables lifted off the ground. The lack of regulations has many people concerned, especially when the renters are left to secure the inflatables themselves. Thankfully, there are some responsible companies renting inflatables in Arizona:

“At least one business in the Tucson area allows customers to get the inflatables at a pickup site and do the installation themselves, leaving it up to the renters to secure them. Employees from Jumps & More would not comment on the requirements involved when a client picks up the inflatable, or on the training, if any, given to the client. Most retailers with inflatable jumping castles require that only employees install and take them down.”

Before you pick up a custom inflatable or rental inflatable slide for your next party, make sure that you know the proper installation technique and safety rules during operation. You don’t want anyone to get hurt on your watch.




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