Can Inflatables Get Cushioned By Lubbock Town Authorities?

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about a town in Texas that was considering some very tough restrictions on inflatables and even a potential banning of them as a whole:

“One of the fees added is a minimum $25 to have inflatables on park property, with requirements on using town electricity and enforcing the need for an employee on hand at all times while in use. Although the small business owners are perturbed by these new (possible) regulations, the measure didn’t pass before. However, the town officials seem driven to move this legislation through…”

In a recent followup from the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, the Parks and Recreation board in Lubbock is proposing softer regulations for bounce house installation in city parks. These rules would put more parks on the bounce house-friendly list – much to the chagrin of park neighbors. However, the council is not really springing for the proposal:

“The rentals bounced out of obscurity and landed with a thump on an early June council meeting. Neighbors…complained of noisy generators and damage to grass they blamed on the party equipment. The earliest version of the regulations drew complaints from rental companies that said they had no warning of or input to the proposed rules.”

The article says that the first ordinance would also make the overall business of renting inflatables more expensive and difficult for inflatable companies. They would have required paid staff on hand at all times and the inflatables would be a huge risk due to regulations that would prevent any staking of the houses into the ground. This – along with the added $25 fee – would not only make the bounce houses more expensive in general, they would be at risk of blowing over, potentially putting people in harm’s way.

Lubbock’s Town Council should really think this over long and hard – if you ban the ability to stabilize bounce houses in the ground, safety is being thrown away. What do you think about this town council’s overall attitude towards this issue?