Inflatables in the News

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Ummm. Where’s the Panda? – I recently watched the movie Despicable Me and was impressed by how one supervillian stole one of the Egyptian pyramids and replaced it with an inflatable one. Don’t worry, that’s not a huge spoiler, it happens within 10 minutes of the movie starting. Nonetheless, a recent story in NewsOK reminded me of this evil feat:

“Duer Balloons & Promotions is offering a $200 reward for information about a giant panda balloon stolen from atop the building at Interstate 35 and Second Street on or around July 27. Dana Crawford, Duer executive assistant, said balloons such as the missing panda cost between $5,000 and $7,000.”

This heist was made easier because the custom inflatable was deflated for deconstruction, but it was still anchored to the building. The group usually uses rooftop advertising for large events in the Oklahoma area, according to the article.
For the Last Time – I’ve written about this a few times, but this will be the last time for this summer season – do not use inflatables in the ocean. You risk the chance that you’ll get swept away and stranded, like these people from a BBC article:

“The group was stranded after their dinghy was pulled out by the current near Haile Sand Fort, Cleethorpes, at about 18:00 BST on Tuesday. The woman and children – two teenagers and a small boy – were brought back to shore in North East Lincolnshire.”


We Want to Bounce! – Good news – at least in Florida – for inflatable rental companies from the Daytona Beach News-Journal: recent accidents haven’t quashed the inflatable business one bit:

“A spate of incidents around the nation this spring that injured at least 48 people as wind gusts toppled inflatables or slides collapsed doesn’t seem to have affected the demand here. ‘They are still very popular,’ said Magda Nel, owner of Premium Events in Port Orange, who’s been renting inflatables since 1998. ‘We haven’t had any lack of business down here.’”

Looks like inflatables are here to stay!