Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Okay, it may seem a little early to start thinking about this, but Halloween is only a little over a month away from us. Instead of hastily picking out a costume or decorating at the last minute, maybe you’ll want to start thinking about your Hollow’s Eve plans right now. Speaking of decorations for the scariest night of the year, there are literally hundreds of ways to add elements of the holiday to your home in celebration. Here are some ideas:

–          Cover the interior furniture of your home (at least the parts that can be seen by treat or treaters) with white – maybe blood covered – sheets to give the appearance that some type of strange, sinister events have taken place in the home. You can also add these types of elements around your home – i.e. some signs on the exterior of your house can be added, but make sure they are a little crooked. Perfectly aligned warning signs aw

–          Making your food theme mimic disgusting body parts and other unappetizing things. For instance, you can use chocolate cake, frosting and a gummy worm to make a cup that looks like a pile of dirt. If you’re feeling particularly inventive, find a small skeleton hand for right next to the gummy worm.

–          Carving a pumpkin can be a totally arduous process, but you don’t always have to go through with it every Halloween if you simply don’t have time. Buy some orange balloons and draw carved faces into them with a Sharpie.

–          Have a stereo in your home pumping out classic Halloween songs like the Monster Mash and also having mood music in the background. This is definitely an effective and inexpensive way to ad a sense of fear and atmosphere to your home.

–          Finally, consider getting a custom inflatable of a pumpkin, candy corn or whatever you’re thinking of so that your front yard doesn’t feel left out of the decorating.