Inflatables & Team Building

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Any business owner worth his salt will tell you that team building is one of the most important elements in any effective company. Making sure that all of your departments and employees are capable of working together effectively is crucial to the financial and overall success of your business model. Team building exercises act as a way to improve communication within your company walls, strengthen efficiency and bring your team to an understanding of how to increase productivity by working together. While there are a number of ways to achieve these goals, inflatables are an excellent way to bring your employees together. Here are some of the inflatables that will help you with your company:

Human FoosballHuman foosball is a great inflatable when considering how your team is only effective when they work together. In this inflatable version of the classic table game, 10 of your employees get into a 50 ft by 30 ft arena and play a human sized version of foosball as the little men on the rods! Since the players are harnessed in together, they must move as a team to play effectively. Perfect for building unity within the office environment in a fun way!

Jacob’s Ladder – Having a friendly competition can also reinforce bonds made within your office and the Jacob’s Ladder provides a way to achieve this! Have two co-workers try and climb to the top of these unstable rope ladders as quickly as possible! It may sound dangerous, but it’s safe for everyone, especially with the inflatable floor!

Laser BattleThe ultimate in team activities that are both rewarding and extremely fun, a good laser tag game is an excellent way to make teams and show how working together is quite effective in real world and company situations. And who doesn’t love a good game of laser tag?