Inflatables to Bring Families to Your Event

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If you are a charity organizer or simply a volunteer for your children’s school, you know how difficult it can be to get people excited for your planned events. Be it a small carnival with proceeds going to charity or simply a fun run, it can be hard to get people to attend, much less have a good time. Keeping this in mind, consider the effect that inflatables can have in these situations. By having one or two exciting inflatables at your event, families will have an excellent time. Here are some inflatables that are great at these functions:

Boot Camp Challenge – Some of the best inflatables available for events are those rooted in competitions between people – the competitive spirit is particularly alive when you pit mom vs. daughter or father vs. son. The Boot Camp Challenge is a perfect inflatable battleground for determining a winner in these matchups. Featuring several different types of obstacles like vertical pillars and lazer beams (elastic – not real lasers!) the Boot Camp Challenge is a great addition to your event’s entertainment!

The Lagoon of Doom – Here’s a particularly special inflatable that will get the whole family involved in the activities. Pick a pair of people and put them on the spinning log in the middle of an inflatable swamp. Whoever can stay on the log for the longest wins and the first to fall gets attacked by an inflatable alligator or two. So spin as quickly as you can to knock your family off the log!

Heavy Hitter – This inflatable is more a game of skill than it is of knocking over your mom or dad. A column of air balances a tee ball in front of the batter to swing at. If the batter can hit it into one of the target holes in the backdrop, they are the true home run hero! Better yet, this inflatable will actually return the ball to its original position!