Holiday Inflatables: Tacky or Not?

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It seems like every year there is some kind of controversy about inflatables in local communities due to legal restrictions and ordinances. This time of year is when these issues become very apparent, considering the large amount of holiday inflatables that people like putting in their yards, whether it’s for Thanksgiving or Christmas or other holidays. Consider the rules in your specific community regarding having these types of decorations in your yard.

For instance, a story in Neighbor Newspapers discusses the proceedings of an Atlanta community regarding such inflatables:

“At its next meeting Nov. 15 at City Hall, the Sandy Springs City Council will decide whether holiday decorations can include inflated figures like the Frankenstein’s monster recently seen during a Halloween promotion at a division of auction house Red Baron Antiques on Roswell Road.”

These inflatables are explicitly prohibited, but the town ordinance in place puts a number of restrictions on them:

“Air- or gas-filled figures are prohibited in the current sign ordinance, but a proposed amendment may allow one less than 15 feet in height twice a year four weeks before and one week after a holiday without having to file for a permit.”

The council members didn’t come to an agreement about the Red Baron inflatable, primarily due not to safety, but to content, with one representative calling inflatables ‘horrible.’ This sentiment is echoed in a recent column from EMC saying:

“… inflatables are tacky and give a cartoon-like feeling to the holiday.”

What do think about holiday inflatables? Do you put them up in your yard around the holidays?