Inflatable Racing Suit Provides Safety

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D-Air Racing Airbag Suit

Just when I think I’ve seen everything in the world of inflatables, a company comes out with a product taking contained air to a whole new level. This has been a recurring thread in this blog, especially since inflatables are a major part of safety and protection in the world. Just recently I mentioned a proposed iPhone case that would inflate when dropped, protecting your screen from cracking on impact. In other areas where safety is paramount, companies are using inflatables beyond normal uses like airbags and inflatable seatbelts.

For instance, an Italian company has brought a new racing suit over to America. This would be uninteresting if the suit wasn’t made to protect bikers in case of accidents. Better yet, it does so using a inflatable system:

“… [an] electronic system identifies a fall or slide and immediately sends a trigger signal to the gas generator in the hump of the suit. This activates the internal airbag, which then inflates within 30 millieseconds [sic]. D-air Racing has a patented 3D airbag structure providing the rider with a controlled airbag expansion. It is the only airbag suit on the market that works wirelessly without any connection to a motorcycle.”

This article about the Dainese D-air Racing suit – from Motorcycle USA – also provides racing teams with racing data that may aid in performance during events.  This includes not only simple lap times, but more extensive information:

“…[it can] monitor riding performance and record telemetry data, that can be downloaded and displayed on a computer. Extensive functions of the system include GPS telemetry of the bike and diagrams in relation to time: assessment of braking spaces and lines through bends. Acceleration data is also available and the system is compatible with Google Earth and enables plotting of racing lines on a mini map.”

How long do you think it will be before inflatables are built into suits for regular motorcycle riders?