Inflatables Used Unexpectedly

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The world of inflatables is not only large, but it is extremely inventive as well. Well beyond your car’s airbags and backyard BBQ bounce houses, there are inflatables that push the boundaries of what we know. On a regular basis, this blog shows you some of the ways inflatables are being used in different ways. As you know, inflatable jets and tanks are a personal favorite of mine, as well as inflatable pubs. I’ve discovered a few stories this week about inflatables on a totally different level. One is useful for parents and the other is all about standing up to “The Man.”

Kid-Friendly iPads – The overall consensus on Apple’s popular tablet is to keep it away from children. This is a safe bet, considering the damage the kids can do to pretty much anything. Luckily for parents with tech-savvy tykes, there is a system using inflatables to protect your iPad from getting smashed. Cnet talks about a brand new iPad accessory:

“Even the roughest toddler will have a hard time busting up your iPad once it’s strapped into CTA Digital’s Inflatable Cube. It’s simply an inflatable cube with a built-in case on one side for your iPad or Kindle Fire. Your tender tablet is recessed into the cube, so your enthusiastic little angel will have to work extra hard to damage it.”

Forget the Rat – A while back, we published an entry about inflatable rats being used as a tool for union protestors all over the United States. This week, the New York Times has a piece about a new inflatable mascot for union workers. It’s being used by union nurses and unlike the rats, this beast comes from a slightly hotter area:

“…a giant three-headed dog with fangs was the effigy on display as about 250 unionized nurses rallied outside the Midtown headquarters of the private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management… the firm added 10 mostly Catholic community hospitals in the Boston area to its portfolio, promising to keep the same level of services or to provide even better services. But carrying signs that proclaimed ‘Cerberus Is a Lying Dog,’ and that urged “Get Wall Street Out of Health Care,” members of the nurses’ union, accused the firm of proving to be more like its namesake, the canine monster in Greek mythology that guarded the gates of hell.”