The Best Advertising Inflatables

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Inflatable Hockey PlayerAnyone with a business knows all about promotions, which are an excellent way of drawing attention towards your products, services, etc. Many promotions focus around giveaways, sales, discounts and other campaigns. However, one of the biggest trends in corporate marketing is utilizing advertising inflatables. By having a company-specific custom inflatable, you will not just turn heads, but also give your company a huge edge over competitors.  Here are some of the best kinds of advertising inflatables your company should think about:


Custom Shapes – You don’t want to be a cookie-cutter company, using the same inflatables as the store down the road. Go outside the box by having your own custom-designed inflatable based on your company or business. If you have a mascot, new product or other specific idea for an inflatable, it can be made for you. Everyone will want their picture taken with it. That pays for itself.

Cash Machines – No, we’re not talking about an inflatable ATM. We’re talking about of the biggest attention-grabbing and exciting inflatable concepts ever. An inflatable cash machine puts your potential customers in a position to win handfuls of money simply by stepping in and trying to grab the cash that’s being blown around. Not only will this get you a huge audience, but you can also have your cash machine branded and shaped in any way you see fit.

Inflatable Costumes – Is there anything kids love more than meeting fun mascots and characters in costume? By having a custom inflatable costume made of your company’s mascot or newest product, you will have groups of parents and kids around your company’s trade show booth in seconds. Think about the number of pictures that will be taken with your business’s logo in them. If a picture says a thousand words, make sure one of those words is your company name with an inflatable costume.