Custom Inflatables for Sports

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Inflatable SportsWith the Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants coming up on Sunday, it got me thinking about the role of inflatables at sporting events. There is no doubt that inflatables will play some part in this year’s game, whether its during the preshow, halftime show or in the form of an inflatable mascot. Luckily for you, sports inflatables don’t have to be confined only to the major sports leagues – your team can have them too!

Here are some of the sports inflatables available from Custom Inflatables:

Inflatable Helmets – One of the most popular items at sporting events is soft serve ice cream sundaes in collectible plastic helmets featuring the home team’s logo. Now think about that same helmet inflated and the size of two and a half cars. That’s something every team needs. Even though there’s no ice cream involved, a custom inflatable helmet with your team or brand logo is perfect for the big game and even for trade shows.

Inflatable Tunnels – There are few things more exciting than going to your favorite team’s home games. You know how amped the crowd can get at these games, but they can always be more excited. Throw out that old paper banner and get an inflatable tunnel for your team to run through right before kickoff. As with any inflatable from Custom Inflatables, have your tunnel emblazoned with team logos (and even sponsor logos!) in traditional team colors.

Inflatable Games – A major part of any sports game experience is what happens before and after the game around the stadium. Once your fans enter the stadium, make sure there are plenty of inflatable games available for kids and adults alike. Whether you want a pitching game showing a player’s accuracy or a dunking contest inflatable, Custom Inflatables can make it for you. These types of games can be custom built to any specifications, complete with your team’s branding.