Need Inflatables? How About 190?

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Inflatable Obstacle Course

Every year, there is an onslaught of stories around various holidays (namely Christmas, Halloween and Easter) where a local couple is featured, showcasing a large number of inflatables on their front lawn. This blog has covered a few of these stories, primarily around Halloween, where one man was found having close to 60 inflatable decorations strewn around his home.  Having such a collection is something of an achievement, much like beating your party guests on an inflatable obstacle course. One question remains though – what do you do with all of the inflatables when the season is over?

One couple has found a solution, even if it isn’t exactly a happy end. According to the McPherson Sentinel, a couple has decided to sell their massive collection of holiday inflatables:

“Large inflatable decorations have become an expected sight in the yard of Susan and Michael McVicker during the years, but the couple is calling it quits on the collection they’ve been working on since 2003. A bright orange sign with the words, ‘All inflatables for sale’ stands next to their two nylon Easter bunnies, two of only 83 left in their stash. The couple began selling in August and hopes to empty the additional storage shed they specifically bought for the decorations.”

The article says that Susan and Michael started the collection in 2003 and have been amassing inflatables ever since. At various times of year, their yard has been host to assorted groups of the 190 inflatables that have been making a home with the McVickers:

“For Halloween, the McVickers have displayed up to 45 inflatables, including dancing ghouls and a spook house, two of which they claim are the most unique in their collection. For Christmas, the couple can boast a count of 95 inflatables, spilling out from the front yard into the sides and back.”

Since beginning the sale, more than 100 of the original inflatables have been sold.