Snowshoes Getting an Inflatable Addition

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Inflatable Snowshoes

Spring is finally here! If you’re anything like me, you’ve already starting thinking about the warmer weather and everything that comes with it. For one, I can’t wait for the first party of summer, complete with an inflatable slide or two. Is there anything better? However, there are other things happening in the world of inflatables we’ll be talking about something decidedly colder than the balmy weather.

An avalanche that claimed lives recently brought inflatable backpacks to the forefront of the sports safety industry, as I mentioned in a post a month ago. These backpacks would inflate in case of an avalanche, increasing the likelihood that snow wouldn’t fully encase a skier or snowboarder. Now, inflatable snowshoes are becoming a reality, primarily to help out stranded snowmobilers lost in the woods. According to an article in Mobile Magazine:

“[Signal Snowboards] came up with the idea after hearing reports about stranded snowmobilers. In one case, two snowmobilers reportedly ran out of gas and got stuck in deep snow only about a mile from a lodge…they were unable to get back to safety before night time and were found frostbitten the next day. The inflatable snowshoes could be helpful as anyone can end up in such a situation.”

The article says the snowshoes can be easily carried along with other tools and equipment. Made from sturdy material, you can inflate the snowshoes by mouth or pump and will provide a lot of benefits for anyone who needs support while hiking in the snow:

“Each inflated snowshoe will give you more than 540 sq in of surface area for walking on snow without getting too tired. It can be inflated by mouth, although the company says that a bike pump or CO2 inflator should be used for best results, and will work fine for people weighing up to 250 lbs.”

Beyond this, the snowshoes also provide users with increased traction as well. The uses for inflatables continue to amaze me.