The Weirdest Inflatables on Pinterest

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Designer inflatables!! haha I want one! The internet can be a wonderfully weird place. Currently, there is a new site called Pinterest that has become a hub of discovery for a number of things. Users log in and post photos / videos on virtual bulletin boards that can be shared with friends online. Naturally, inflatables are definitely a presence on the site and I would like to share some of the strangest custom inflatables from Pinterest with you:

Inflatable Swan – This photo, repinned from The LookBook, is simply titled “Designer Inflatables!” What is it precisely? Imagine one of those swan boats you can rent at rivers and ponds and make it inflatable. Then put it in a pool with a model and voila – you have yourself a designer inflatable.

Vintage Inflatables – Did you know that inflatables were once marketed as the furniture of the future? According to this repinned ad on Pinterest, we could be sitting in inflatable recliners while watching TV at night. However, much like the hovercars from The Jetsons, inflatable chairs never really took off as a household item.

Inflatable Hangers – In this blog, we are always finding new uses for inflatables that make life just a little bit easier. Pinterest has a new one. Whenever you visit a hotel, you almost always find that there are not enough hangers in your closet to properly handle clothes that you need unwrinkled. However, getting through an airport with hangers wouldn’t go over really well. Simply blow up these hangers for a perfect solution. Deflate them and put them back in your suitcase. Awesome.

Couture Inflatables – This one has to be seen to be believed. Just know, if this is the fashion of the future, you can count me out. Yeesh.