Summer Safety Tips for Rental Inflatables

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Bounce Castle

As spring rolls in and summer approaches across the country, more and more party balloons will be springing up on mailboxes all over the U.S. Why you might ask? Well, the summer is a wonderful time to get family and friends over for birthday parties, July 4th celebrations and just random get-togethers. If you have a pool, you are definitely going to be the house to be at for parties this summer. However, if you really want to make your party the best, you should get yourself a rental inflatable.

Inflatable slides and obstacle courses are always the centerpiece to a good party. The best part? They are entertaining for adults and kids alike! You should always keep in mind that inflatable safety is no laughing matter – so familiarize yourself with these tips:

  • Never allow children on an inflatable unless an adult is present to supervise the activities. For instance, if there are too many kids inside a bounce house, someone could get hurt. Having an adult present to moderate can stop accidents from happening.
  • When it comes to your jewelry and other personal items, make sure they stay outside the inflatable. You should always take your shoes off and remove any loose articles of clothing when using inflatables.
  • Do not act dangerously or horse around on the inflatables. This includes jumping near the entrance and jumping into people inside the bounce house, obstacle course or other inflatable.
  • When bad weather is looming, exit the inflatable as soon as possible. Lightening, thunder and or rain should prompt you to stop using the inflatable and turn off the air blower.
  • Be conscious of any injuries or disabilities you may have before going into a bounce house. If you generally have back, head or neck problems, you shouldn’t participate in inflatable activities.