Using Custom Inflatables at Events

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Custom InflatableThe whole idea behind having a custom inflatable developed is based around making your business / company promotion as integrated with your mission as possible. For instance, if you own an athletic company, you’ll want to have an inflatable designed to look like a basketball or other sports-related product. Once you have an inflatable specific to your company, you’ll want to start bringing it to certain events that your business takes part in.

Here are some events you should feature your custom inflatable at:

Trade Shows – Trade shows are a great way to get out the word about your company’s product or services, especially since attendees are looking for specific types of businesses. However, being part of trade shows is a sometimes scattered affair, especially if the other companies there are in the same type of industry. Having a custom inflatable to go along with your booth (if they are allowed) is one definitive way to stand out from the other business owners there. If you sell children’s toys and clothing, installing a custom jumper branded with your business logo will bring over kids and parents in droves.

Amusement Parks – Every summer, hundreds of thousands of people flood through the gates of theme parks, looking for family fun and thrill rides. A lot of these parks sell prime reality to companies looking to advertise along the paths leading to the hottest new ride. How do you pull in attention in this setting? With a custom designed sky dancer or inflatable game, of course! Imagine the line of park-goers waiting to try their hand at shooting basketballs or throwing a fastball at an inflatable catcher.

There are hundreds of other places you should bring your custom inflatables to, especially when you want to expand your brand’s reach. Don’t forget how quickly a custom inflatable will pay for itself, particularly if you keep it up at your brick-and-mortar location all-year-round!