Inflatable Constructed to Resemble Stonehenge

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Inflatable Stonehenge

Custom inflatables are a wonderful thing, especially when you own a business that needs advertising to draw attention. You can accomplish this mission by branding air dancers, bounce houses and other inflatables with your logo and displaying the inflatable in a prominent place or at a tradeshow. Furthermore, custom inflatable designers can work with you to develop a fully original inflatable in almost any shape you can dream up. No matter what type of inflatable you come up with, you will draw a lot of attention for whatever you are advertising.

One artist from Great Britain has seemingly decided to provide Scotland with some free inflatable advertising in the form of a very famous (and mysterious) destination – Stonehenge. A blog post in Bangstyle Independent says:

“…thanks to British artist Jeremy Deller, a life sized and inflatable replica of the site has been installed in Glasgow, Scotland, for the general public, both young and old, to enjoy and experience close hand. The artist, who has never created anything in Scotland before, adamantly wanted the public to be able to discover and play with history in a tangible way.”

The artist says that his creation is meant to put people in touch – literally – with the famous standing stones. At the Stonehenge site itself, you can’t get close enough to touch the structure – it’s roped off 30 feet away. The article says that the inflatable Stonehenge is being presented at an annual Glasgow art festival for all to enjoy:

“This inflatable Stonehenge, ironically called Sacrilege, was erected during the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Arts which takes place in Glasgow Green. The festival’s website said, “Visual art happens all year round in Glasgow, but for two weeks every two years, [the Festival] puts it firmly in the spotlight.” 

Inflatable Stonehenge only takes 15 minutes to inflate in the morning. Maybe Stonehenge will come over to the U.S. for Americans to enjoy!