Advertising with Inflatable Blimps

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Take your message to the sky with inflatable blimps

Today the traditional channels for advertising are beyond cluttered. From television and smart phones to billboards and web sites room is running out for all the ads businesses are trying to promote. However, the phrase ‘the sky is the limit’ has never been more true when it comes to advertising and with inflatable blimps you can rule the skies and market your business product or service in a creative way that is impossible to miss. Made with vinyl (PVC) and nylon fabrics with a UV inhibitor, inflatable blimps are sturdy and durable and can withstand heat, wind and rain.

Advertising blimps come in a galaxy of vivid colors and can be designed to include your logo or custom tagline to encourage consumers to contact your business. Available in small 13’ lengths and larger 30’ lengths, you can find an advertising blimp that best suits your business’ needs. Inflated with helium and anchored by strong tethers, advertising blimps can spend hours circling trade shows, new store openings and outdoor events so people from all over will have a chance to view your company’s promotion.

For indoor and outdoor use you can also find advertising blimps that are remote controlled so you can steer flight times from 30 minutes to up to 2 hours. Made with electric systems instead of gas power these remote controlled advertising blimps are safer to use and give you the ability to steer your blimp where the crowds are. Stop fighting with competitors for traditional ad space and take to the air to promote your business product or service using high quality advertising blimps.