Army Releases Inflatable Safety Jacket

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Auto Inflate Life JacketWhen you get out onto the water in the summer time, many things escape your mind. Every serious concern in your life goes far, far away, especially since you’re trying to relax. However, as we discussed last week, safety should never be taken lightly, especially when you are taking part in water-based activities where drowning is possible. Whether you are tubing or simply taking a ride down an inflatable yacht slide, it is important to wear a safety jacket.

This is not only true for children though – many adults have difficulty swimming as well. While you may get many complainers saying, “They’re uncomfortable. I don’t need to wear a life jacket while we’re simply sitting on a boat,” there is a new option to make everyone happy. According to an article from KXII, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has developed an auto-inflating life jacket:

“…true to it’s [sic] name, this life jacket inflates on its own as soon as you hit the water!
When Stephen Crossland goes fishing, he gets some stares, even some questions, about his life jacket. “I wear the inflatable ones, if I’m by myself, I’ll wear the inflatable ones. If there’s more than one person in the boat, I’ll wear it to drive in and then I’ll take it off when I start fishing,” he said.”

Beside safety, the article says, a main feature of these new life jackets is comfort, one of the primary reasons why main people will not wear safety devices in the first place. The auto-inflatable jackets hand around your neck and secure around your waist, keeping you cool in temperatures over 100 degrees. It works with an ingenious pressure system:

“These auto-inflatable life jackets have a pressure sensor that determines whether or not it should deploy and it may take one to two seconds before it inflates. And if it doesn’t inflate, [Engineer B.J.] Parkey said there’s a backup. ‘If it doesn’t deploy, you’ll be able to pull on this string, which will trigger a key mechanism in here and will automatically inflate the CO2 cartridge,’ he said.”

Would you consider getting these life jackets for your boat?