Too Cool to Wear a Helmet?

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Everyone knows that wearing a helmet is one of the safety measures to take when getting out onto the road with a motorcycle or bicycle. You don’t need facts and figures to know that wearing a helmet is the smartest thing to do before you start riding your bike to work or school. However, fashion-savvy folks may stay away from wearing helmets because let’s face it, they are pretty ugly. Even the best-looking helmets are still pretty ugly. Thanks to recent developments in inflatable technology, you may now be able to stay safe while maintaining your fashion sense.Inflatable Helmet

According to an article in Bike Radar, a Swedish design form has developed an inflatable helmet that pops up like a car airbag does when you get into an accident. The beauty of this helmet is that is virtually invisible:

“Unlike a traditional helmet, this ‘invisible helmet’ isn’t actually worn on the head, but instead is a collar worn around the neck with an airbag folded inside. In an accident or crash it can inflate in a tenth of a second to form a hood that surrounds and thus protects nearly all of the cyclist’s head and neck.”

Surprisingly, the founder of this firm tells Bike Radar that she doesn’t think this collar is any more flattering than a plastic helmet. Besides safety, the heat of traditional helmets was considered during the design of this collar, which allows air to flow through, providing at least some relief from the heat of traditional helmets.

This inflatable helmet design is similar to the inflatable safety suit being developed for drag racers and motorcycle riders that we have mentioned in this blog before. The world of inflatable invention is moving towards development of safety products, which is definitely a very good thing.

What will they come up with next?