A Real Water World

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The Sports Park 60

Kevin Costner had a water world vision but it was nothing like this. German inflatable company Wibit Sports has created the ultimate in water sport entertainment with its massive Sports Park 60 inflatable structure that measures 130’ long by 105’ wide and weighs almost 4,000lbs. It takes roughly 180 minutes to inflate the entire park but once it’s operational the fun literally never ends. Ideal for lakes and ponds the Sports Park 60 allows people to run, jump, slide and swing across brightly colored slides, high jumps, trampolines and action tower until they feel like taking a refreshing dive into the surrounding water on which the park floats.

The floating water park allows for plenty of fun obstacle course races, trampoline challenges and diving competitions for kids of all ages and even adults too. Each entertainment section is connected by inflatable ramps and bridges that create a surreal action set that allows the imagination to run wild in thinking up clever games and contests. Perfect for a kid’s birthday bash or family reunion the Sports Park 60 will provide hours of healthy fun and entertainment and be the envy of anyone who ventures near this inflatable aquatic kingdom.

And for good measure the inflatable water park also has a podium section to award 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for events you organize on the structure. If Costner’s ill-fated 1995 flick was less serious and more like the fun Sports Park 60 maybe it would have had better success.