Creating Custom Promotional Inflatables

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Custom Promotional InflatablesNo doubt you have been to a plethora of backyard BBQs, graduation parties and birthday parties that featured a bounce house or inflatable obstacle course. There is also no doubt that after the kids ran out of icing sugar energy and fell asleep, the adults got on the inflatable and had a great time as well. You have seen inflatables, used inflatables and had a blast on many inflatables, but there is one thing you don’t know: not all inflatables are created equally.

What do we mean by this? It means that while your rental inflatable is awesome, you can have custom-created promotional inflatables made from a vision you dreamed up one day. Imagine sitting in a marketing meeting at your office and pitching an idea for an inflatable blimp with your company’s name on it. Maybe your business has a mascot – why not have an inflatable costume made based on your mascot?

At Custom Inflatables, these are the types of projects we love to take on. Make your company stand out with a brand new, custom designed inflatable product to help your marketing team. We approach these projects with a four step process:

Get in Touch – Contact our team of professionals and we’ll get an idea of what you are looking for. We will help you full develop your inflatable vision and get to work.

The Render – We’re not just going to take your idea and build it sight unseen. We create a fully customized 3D model based on your initial consultation.

Approval – If you approve of the render we create, we start the inflatable creation process. Just imagine your 3D render in life-size – that’s exactly what we are making for you. If you don’t approve of the render, we make the changes you want.

The Finished Product – After construction, we deliver your inflatable and get to see two things – a big smile from you and the start of an innovative, attention- grabbing marketing campaign.

Just think it up and we’ll inflate it for you!