Football Inflatables for Fall Parties

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There are roughly 7 months of the year when television is painful. No, it’s not because of repeated sitcoms or reality shows, it’s because there’s no football on. Without football, Sunday afternoons aren’t exciting or much fun at all. Luckily, with the Giants / Cowboys on Wednesday night, the regular football season has begun, bringing with it gatherings of fans to celebrate wins or bemoan losses of a favorite game.

Most parties centered around football involve a table of snack food and some drinks, but why not take your pigskin party to a new level? Although some areas might be too cold, warmer parts of the country should use football as a way to throw an all-out bash. Here are some football-themed inflatables to get your parties going:

First N Goal – Which one of your party guests think they can dash better than any football pro? Most likely all of them, including you. Put your strength to the test with this bungee challenge, which has opposing bungee cords to keep players from getting the football to the center of the inflatable. Whoever gets the football in the scoring hole first wins! This will likely be the cause of many fights at your party, so be prepared for some serious trash talk.Football Inflatable

Inflat-a-Flix – Don’t go dragging your big screen TV outside so everyone can watch. This inflatable rental will help your broadcast the big game in a big way! Grab a projector and show off the game on this inflatable screen, which will be a big hit with any true football fan.

Quarterback Attack – Get your throwing arm in shape before you test your skills on Quarterback Attack, which will test your accuracy with throwing a football. If you can throw the ball into the hole, you might have a calling as a starter!