Inflatable Bounce Houses Stolen in England

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Everyone should have a bounce house in their backyard. Let’s face it – they are a lot of fun and would be an excellent stress reliever after a long day of school or work. This may not be realistic, so most of us have to wait for our friends and family to have inflatable bounce houses at their backyard parties. You have to admit it though – it would be a lot of fun to have a bounce house around all of the time.

Apparently, some scoundrels in Abbeydale had the same idea, except they didn’t want to get their jumper fair and square. According to an article in This is Gloucestershire, a group of thieves made away with three large, expensive inflatables from a pub:

“One of the bouncy castles, which was red and yellow, was worth £1,800. The other one, a blue and yellow inflatable designed for smaller children, was valued at £1,200. A third inflatable, which was emblazoned with the pub’s phone number, was left behind.”

What is surprising about this crime, the article says, is that the bandits were able to move the inflatables, which were each 20 feet long. The landlord at the property is perturbed by this fact, implying that it shouldn’t have been possible to make off with “such large items.” However difficult it may seem, the police do have a theory about how they got the inflatables off of the property:

“It is thought the thieves broke in through the garden, before hauling the castles over the fence. Police said the inflatable play equipment had been stolen between midnight on Monday and 7am on Tuesday morning.”

The landlord is still waiting to hear whether or not the pub’s insurance policy will cover the loss of the inflatable fixtures, some of which had been on the property for more than 3 years.