King Kong Takes Over Waterfront

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You may not believe it, but it turns out that King Kong is real. At least in inflatable form. According to an article from This is Kent, a 15 foot version of the giant primate is gracing the top of a canopy at a seafront in the United Kingdom. It was added to the front of a building to mark the grand opening of a new arcade at the location.

However, one of the property’s nearby neighbors isn’t very happy with King Kong’s frightening grimace and complained to local authorities. The article says:

“…the firm did not seek planning permission and an angry neighbour went bananas and complained…about the prominent primate. The town’s seafront is a conservation area and property owners must get consent to change the buildings within the zone. Liam Nabb, secretary of Margate Conservation Area Advisory Group (CAAG) believes it would open the floodgates to advertisements of a similar scale.”

These types of inflatable advertisements are nothing new. Many businesses use air dancers, inflatable blimps and other inflatables emblazoned with their logos to draw customer attention towards their storefronts and buildings. The concern from the government isn’t totally misplaced, seeing as this particular inflatable is 15 feet tall. It has brought a lot of attention to the arcade:King Kong

“Bingo club manager Graeme Corner does not understand the fuss about King Kong. ‘Business is booming and we’ve seen a 35 per cent in footfall.’”

This story also brings attention to the effect of inflatables when used to draw customers and interested parties towards a business or cause. Remember the inflatable rat used at protests by nurses unions? It certainly got them some attention! If you are a business owner, consider using inflatable advertisements as a great marketing tool – they really do work well!

Nonetheless, King Kong’s permanence remains to be seen. One business owner is hoping that Kong’s future is determined before the Bingo club opens at the end of the month.