Inflatable Safety Becomes Major Concern

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Stay SafeWe have discussed inflatable safety at length in this blog. Whether it is concerns about tethering bounce houses, supervising children, inflatable materials or just overall safety measures, inflatable safety is something that many inflatables companies pride themselves on. However, accidents do happen and sometimes children and adults can get injured because of lax restrictions and improper safety controls.

These accidents are rising in number, according to a story from the Today Show’s Rossen Reports. Every day, more than 30 children are admitted to hospitals with injuries from inflatable bounce houses. While a number of these injuries are considered minor, there are some more serious cases that would give any parent pause:

“According to the study, the most common injuries are sprains and fractures, some to the head and neck. Forty-three percent of injuries are caused by falls, most inside the bounce house, with some kids bouncing out of it. Sixteen percent of injuries are caused by other kids: collisions and roughhousing.”

The article says the primary response from inflatable companies to this report is that the accidents occur due to misuse or the failure to enforce safety restrictions suggested by the manufacturers. This may be true, especially when various age groups are involved. Many parents should know that the age group inside of a bounce house should be relatively similar – i.e. don’t put 10-year-olds in a bounce house with anyone under the age of 6. Furthermore, talk to your children about what not to do when on an inflatable:

“As for kids doing flips and acrobatics in bounce houses, doctors say: Don’t do it. Some of the most serious injuries to the head and neck are caused by stunts. They say, talk to your kids before they go in, and set the ground rules. And if kids are getting too rough, get them out.”